Lend & Borrow


you can view the loans and bids you've made on the Lend page. You can also settle your overdue loan here, or cancel your bid early.

Loan Settlement (Lender)

  • If the borrower repays on time within the term, you will receive the principal and interest.
  • If the loan is overdue and borrower has not made a repayment, you need to settle the loan and claim the collateralized NFT. The NFT will be automatically transferred to your wallet via the smart contract.


If you want to release your NFT liquidity, you can list your NFT as collateral and get a loan on Mantle Finance.
"My Wallet" only shows NFT collections that have been whitelisted by Mantle Finance.
If you couldn't find the NFT collection you want to list, you could suggest that the NFT project apply for the Mantle whitelist.
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