Instant Lending

Currently still in Beta stage
Deposit Limit
Loan to Value
Liquidation Incentive
10,000 Flow
50,000 USDC
In a liquidation, up to 50% of a borrower's debt is repaid and that value + liquidation fee is taken from the collateral available, so after a liquidation that amount liquidated from your debt is repaid.

Borrow APY

Mantle charges an interest rate for borrowing assets. The borrow APY is set algorithmically, a function of utilization of the pool.
Optimal utilization rate (%)
Optimal borrow APR
The following piecewise function is used:
if (utilizationRate < optimalUtilizationRate) {
InterestRate = utilizationRate / optimalUtilizationRate * optimalBorrowApy
} else {
InterestRate = (utilizationRate - optimalUtilizationRate) / (1.0 - optimalUtilizationRate) * ( 1.0 - optimalBorrowApy) + optimalBorrowApy
Which produces the following graph:
Mantle Instant Lending
Flow Contract: 0xde7f0150a051a92c

NFT Collateralized P2P Lending

Mantle Finance is a NFT loan listings market place, where users can unlock the liquidity of their NFT assets.
In the Marketplace, you can be
  • A Lender: Lend your crypto assets(ERC-20) to NFT holders and get good loan interest. The loan terms are offered by you. This loan is backed by an NFT and escrow in Mantle's Smart Contract.
  • A Borrower: list your NFT as loan collateral and get liquidity without having to sell or fractionalize your NFT.
The overall operation mode of P2P Lending is very similar to a pawnshop. The NFT in the collateral will be kept in the smart contract. Once Borrower does not repay the loan, the NFT could be taken away by Lender.
Mantle NFT Collateralized P2P Lending
Flow Contract: 0xa0035d8e04880578
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Instant Lending
NFT Collateralized P2P Lending